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"Go to Maria Smith.  She is a master painter who will take you from your currrent level of understanding and guide you through the process of becoming a true painter.  She will teach you to see the world through new eyes.  She will teach you from the ground up to see and to think and to build an image, layer by layer, planning and revising and correcting as you go, until all comes together in a finished painting.  Maria is patient but direct.  She will tell it like it is.  She will never mislead you.  She will communicate with you on your level so that she can teach in terms that you'll understand.  She will provide honest, positive feedback and corrective criticism, but never in a demeaning way.  And, if you're willing to humble yourself enough to be teachable, she'll even apply her master's hand to your painting in places where a master's touch is needed.  I've learned more from Maria Smith in one and a half years than I learned in four years of college art training.  I strongly recommend Maria for anyone who wants to actually learn how to paint."  
Daryl Hunt, Assistant Professor - CSI Digital Media           
"I have taken many workshops and I've been to Italy to take a workshop in Classical Realism from a famous art instructor.  However, your workshop on Light, Form & Color was the best workshop I have ever had!" 
Chris Martin, Engineer, Boise, Idaho
"I just wanted to convey how much I enjoy your class.  I really feel like I am able to take a vacation from the stress and tedium of life for a few short hours.  I am invigorated and inspired when I arrive and for several hours after I leave.  I truly appreciate the opportunity to learn from you, Maria." 
Shane Hall, Tattoo Artist, Twin Falls, Idaho
"I want to paint another still life. I am getting rave reviews over this one!" 
Dawn Luchsinger, Twin Falls, Idaho
"I have taken art courses for years at CSI, but I learned more in one class with you than in a whole semester at the college." 
Carol Minyard, Twin Falls, Idaho
"I have wanted to paint all my life, and received a gift of four art classes under your instruction.  Thank you for keeping me on.  Your knowledge, devotion and respect have greatly influenced my life." 
Betty Clayton, Shoshone, Idaho
"I have painted on my own for several years, but since I began studying with you, Maria, I have learned so much about art and painting that I now can go into an art gallery and see what is wrong with paintings on display or how they could be improved.  I was never able to do this before." 
Joy Bell, Kimberly, Idaho
"I didn't know I could make such beautiful drawings!" 
Sally Jacobsen, Jerome, Idaho

"I have been painting with Maria Smith for two years.  In that time I have seen the quality of my work improve considerably and the end results to be much more satisfactory than I'd been obtaining before I came to her.  Maria is a superb artist in the classical style and is passionate about teaching others to be the best they can be.  I recommend Maria's courses to everyone who is serious about improving his or her drawing and painting skills."
Sharon Hayes, Kimberly, Idaho
"I was already an accomplished artist when I came to study with you, Maria.  But I have learned so much from you, not only about the medium of oil paint, but also how to make my  paintings look beautiful and lifelike with a sense of real light falling on my subject.  I am looking forward to being a professional artist - I can't thank you enough, Maria." 
Kathy Eddington, Buhl, Idaho
"It is a privilege to be a student of Maria Smith.  her expertise and knowledge of art far excels that of many teachers.  Her aspirations and goals are to expose the world of art to our community and develop fine artists.  I highly recommend Maria to any person that has a serious desire to become an artist." 
Doris Watts, Retired Educator/Counselor, Twin Falls, Idaho
"I am grateful to be a student at the Artist's Atelier in Twin Falls.  Until now opportunities like this have been non-existent in Southern Idaho.  Maria Smith's classically designed program is incredibly educational, intellectually challenging, and thoroughly enjoyable.  If anyone is interested in becoming a classically trained artist I would highly recommend this school."
Jeff Lohr, Filer, Idaho
Morgan Norris 24x18 Oil - Old Master Technique
24x18 Oil on Canvas - Old Master Technique
by Maria  J. Smith